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Communication infrastructure is important for human connection, education, commerce and the efficient functioning of city services. Local media can help to build a sense of community and inclusion of diverse voices. The internet provides numerous opportunities for innovation that can improve lives with reduced environmental impact.

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Communications: Internet
Communications: Phone
Communications: Television
Energy: Solar power

Combining provision of solar-powered electricity and internet services

South Africa
Communications: Television
Energy: Solar power
Public Space: Outdoor lighting
Communications: Radio
iShack rooftop solar systems

Providing affordable renewable energy to homes in unserviced informal settlements

Communications: Radio
Culture: Cinema
Culture: Gathering space
Culture: Music
Culture: Performing arts
The Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform

Using multimedia platforms to amplify the voices of poor and marginalized communities

Communications: Phone
Communications: Radio
Communications: Television
Education: Early childhood development
Education: Primary
Ubongo multi-media edutainment

Providing access to education via multiple platforms.

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A female technician from DC-GO working on a solar-powered unit
Image courtesy of DC Go.