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The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs are a global blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, and provide a useful framework for categorising infrastructure case studies.

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A female technician from DC-GO working on a solar-powered unit
Image courtesy of DC Go.
Central African Republic
Cote d'Ivoire
Burkina Faso
South Africa
Gando Primary School
Gcwalisa food hub
Solar Mamas
Langa Bicycle Hub
Koungoba Market Rainwater Drainage
Pikala Bikes
BasiGo electric buses
Mbekweni stonehouses
Safisana biogas digester
Sanergy Collaborative
iShack rooftop solar systems
Rubavu solar street lighting
Lumkani fire detectors
Nambu Group black soldier fly farming
Soil for Life food gardens
Lagos BRT Lite
Sandbag & ecobeam houses
Wecyclers waste collection
SHOFCO aerial water supply
The Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform
Clean Team Ghana
The Friendship Bench
Transformative Riverine Management Programme
Cold Hubs
Ampersand e-bikes
DC Go solar PV towers
The Kibera Public Space Project
Ubongo multi-media edutainment
Stone arch bridges
Public Space: Gathering Spaces
Public Space: Streetscapes
Water: Storage
Water: Metering
Water: Distribution
Water: Catchment management
Water: Aquifer management
Waste: Waste-to-energy
Waste: Composting
Waste: Recycling
Waste: Repurposing
Waste: Processing
Waste: Collection
Waste: Separation
Sanitation: Wastewater
Sanitation: Toilets
Sanitation: Public space cleaning
Sanitation: Personal hygiene
Sanitation: Grey water
Sanitation: Clothes washing
Public Space: Sports facilities
Public Space: Public art
Public Space: Playgrounds
Public Space: Parks
Public Space: Outdoor lighting
Mobility: Walking
Mobility: Public transport
Mobility: Freight
Mobility: Electric vehicles
Mobility: Cycling
Mobility: Accessibility
Health: Sexual
Health: Physical
Health: Nutrition
Health: Mental
Food: Trade
Food: Storage
Food: Retail
Food: Distribution
Food: Processing
Food: Production
Energy: Wind power
Energy: Hydropower
Energy: Solar power
Energy: Heating & cooling
Energy: Storage
Energy: Metering
Energy: Distribution
Energy: Biogas
Education: Public information
Education: Edutainment
Education: Adult
Education: Tertiary
Education: Secondary
Education: Primary
Education: Early childhood development
Ecosystems: Visitors centres
Ecosystems: Outdoor education
Ecosystems: Conservation areas
Ecosystems: Ocean
Disaster Preparedness: Flooding
Disaster Preparedness: Fire
Disaster Preparedness: Erosion
Culture: Religion & faith
Culture: Performing arts
Culture: Music
Culture: Library
Culture: Historical site
Culture: Gathering space
Culture: Cinema
Communications: Television
Communications: Radio
Communications: Print
Communications: Podcast
Communications: Phone
Communications: Internet
Buildings: Social housing
Buildings: Public building
Buildings: Private building
Buildings: Precinct
Buildings: Material
Buildings: Eco-village
Buildings: Construction method