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Sanitation has a crucial role to play in reducing the spread of diseases and odors, and making urban environments pleasant places to live. In some places, piped water is not available, requiring alternatives that use less or no water to achieve the same goals. This is also important in water scarce regions.

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Sanitation: Toilets
Waste: Processing
Waste: Recycling
Sanergy Collaborative

A circular approach to addressing food and sanitation

Sanitation: Toilets
Clean Team Ghana

Providing container-based sanitation services

South Africa
Sanitation: Public space cleaning
Water: Catchment management
Disaster Preparedness: Flooding
Ecosystems: Conservation areas
Transformative Riverine Management Programme

Collaborating with communities to clean urban waterways

Food: Production
Culture: Gathering space
Public Space: Parks
Public Space: Playgrounds
Sanitation: Clothes washing
The Kibera Public Space Project

Providing productive public spaces in informal settlements

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A female technician from DC-GO working on a solar-powered unit
Image courtesy of DC Go.