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Submission Criteria

This website aims to showcase sustainable infrastructure initiatives from across the African continent

  • The focus is on implemented initiatives that can be learned from (i.e. more than concepts), and those that benefit multiple households.
  • Case studies shared via this form will be evaluated by the project team to determine whether they can be considered to be examples of sustainable infrastructure and/or require further editing. Only approved cases will be uploaded to This review process can take a few days, and you may be asked to provide further information and verify edits.
  • When evaluating the case study’s suitability, the following will be considered: 
  1. Does it provide benefit to the poor?
  2. Does it create decent jobs for locals?
  3. Does it minimise or reverse environmental damage?
  • In some cases, high performance on 2 of these 3 dimensions may justify the inclusion of a case study, as long as it does not act against the 3rd dimension.

Usage forms part of a university research project.
  • The case study information, images and documents may be used as part of this research at the discretion of the researchers. 
  • For more information on the project, please visit the About page


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Tips for sharing a case study
  • This case study form currently does not allow you to save it and return later to finish completing it. 
  • With this in mind, we suggest reviewing all the questions, and preparing the short text for the written sections on ‘Background’, ‘Approach’, ‘Social Impact’ and ‘Environmental Impact’ before starting to complete this form.”
  • If you wish to edit your case study once it is uploaded, please use the “Suggest an Edit” function at the end of the case study to inform us.
  • If you have any problems with completing the form, or wish to make any suggestions, please let us know via the form on the Contact page.