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Growing cities require low-carbon alternatives to private cars to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. Dedicated lanes for safe walking and cycling allow people and goods to move safely and at low cost, and electric public transport and freight can help to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by longer journeys.

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South Africa
Mobility: Freight
Mobility: Cycling
Langa Bicycle Hub

Building a cycling culture in low income communities

Education: Adult
Mobility: Cycling
Waste: Repurposing
Waste: Recycling
Pikala Bikes

Building a cycling culture and creating sustainable jobs with upcycled bicycles

Mobility: Electric vehicles
BasiGo electric buses

Providing cost-effective electric buses for public transport

Mobility: Public transport
Lagos BRT Lite

Providing low cost public transport

Mobility: Electric vehicles
Ampersand e-bikes

Providing cleaner and quieter public transport

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A female technician from DC-GO working on a solar-powered unit
Image courtesy of DC Go.