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Lagos faces a number of transport challenges, including traffic congestion, dilapidated vehicles, overcrowding in vehicles, unspecified and unreliable stops, as well as variable and unregulated fares. The BRT Lite system aimed to bring consistency, reliability, safety and efficiency to the public transport system.


The ‘BRT Lite’ is based on the bus rapid transit model developed in Latin America, but with some adjustments to make it more cost effective. While the buses run on physically separated bus lanes for more than half of the network, there are sections where the lanes are only demarcated by road paint, and other sections where they mix with other traffic. Instead of the enclosed bus stops running along the median of the road, the BRT Lite has simple shelters situated along the outer lanes. Additionally, BRT Lite systems do not need as much new infrastructure compared to other systems.

Social Impact

The BRT lite provides reliable, safe and efficient transport for 30%-50% less than the shared minibus taxi system. The average commute time on the BRT lite is 40% less compared to shared minibus taxis, which leaves commuters with more time to spend on other activities. The BRT-Lite has created direct employment for over 1000 people, indirect employment for many more.

Environmental Impact

The use of newer, larger buses has improved fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions per passenger kilometer travelled. There has also been an improvement in air quality along the BRT transport routes. In an effort to curb air pollution and reduce carbon emissions, the Lagos BRT service introduced electric buses to its fleet in May 2023.

Success Factors

Government support for the process as well as a reform in road infrastructure contributed to the success of the BRT lite.

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Lagos State Government

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The Lagos State Government & Primero Transport Services Limited

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