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Building a cycling culture in low income communities

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South Africa's apartheid-era spatial planning used freeways to segregate communities based on their race, destroying the cycling traditions in neighborhoods like Langa. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mzikhona Mgedle started delivering medicine by bicycle to bedridden people in the Langa township. Since then, his work has evolved into the Langa Bicycle Hub, which sells and repairs bicycles whilst building awareness of cycling routes and promoting cycling as an affordable means of commuting.


The Langa Bicycle Hub promotes the use of cycling for commuting to work, and for the delivery of a diverse range of goods within the community, helping to revive this low-cost and low-carbon mode of transport. During the Covid-19 lockdown when many public facilities and services were closed, the hub successfully facilitated the distribution of essential medications to those requiring assistance, and its Bike2work bicycle bus allowed Langa residents to continue to commute into the city for work while the trains were not operational. The hub currently consists of two local establishments that provide cycling lessons, bicycle maintenance, sales and leasing, guided bicycle excursions, and a variety of additional services which create employment for young people in the area.

Social Impact

The Langa Bicycle Hub addresses the unique needs of low income communities by providing affordable transportation options, improving health outcomes, creating economic opportunities, and fostering community resilience. In addition to reducing the costs of mobility, this contributes to improved health and quality of life for the residents of Langa.

Environmental Impact

The organisation endeavors to increase the use of bicycles for delivery and commuting within Langa, as an alternative to taxis and cars running on fossil fuels. This has the potential to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Success Factors

The Langa Bicycle Hub has forged connections with City of Cape Town authorities and actively participates in municipal meetings to address the enhancement of local cycling infrastructure, with the aim of improving the community's mobility and access to opportunities.

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Mzikhona Mgedle

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Langa Bicycle Hub

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