Ampersand e-bikes

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Ampersand E-Bikes
Mobility: Electric vehicles

Ampersand, launched in 2019, aims to tackle the challenge of expensive fuel and air pollution caused by motorcycle taxis in East Africa. This initiative provides electric motorcycles that are eco-friendly and affordable.


Ampersand sells and leases electric motorcycles assembled in Africa. The cost of leasing is slightly less than is typically spent on leasing a fossil fuel-powered motorcycle. The company uses a battery-swapping system whereby motorcycle owners do not own the batteries, but lease them from one of numerous battery-swap stations. This system is expedient as drivers do not have to wait for the batteries to charge, and they only pay for energy used. This allows them to return to the road more quickly, improving their ability to earn income.

Social Impact

Electric motorcycles are simpler to maintain and do not require diesel or gasoline to refuel. Savings on refuelling and maintenance costs are estimated to increase the income of motorcycle taxi operators by approximately 40% per year. Reduced air pollution improves the health of drivers, riders and other citizens. The motorcycles are assembled locally, providing over 170 jobs.

Environmental Impact

The use of electricity instead of fossil fuels to power the motorcycles reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 80%, whilst reducing air pollution and noise pollution. ‍

Success Factors

To promote sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the government of Rwanda has implemented several incentives to facilitate the transition to e-transportation. These incentives include capped electricity tariffs for charging stations for e-transportation and preferential parking for e-vehicles.‍

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