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Modern life requires access to clean sources of energy for homes, businesses and mobility. Electricity is useful due to its versatility, but there are a number of other forms of energy that can support daily life, for example solar energy for heating water. To ensure that Africa’s development does not worsen the climate crisis, energy sources with low greenhouse gas emissions need to be prioritised.

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South Africa
Energy: Solar power
Food: Retail
Gcwalisa food hub

Improving food and energy access in low-income communities

Ivory Coast
Energy: Solar power
Solar Mamas

Equipping communities with solar powered electricity

Communications: Internet
Communications: Phone
Communications: Television
Energy: Solar power

Combining provision of solar-powered electricity and internet services

Energy: Biogas
Waste: Composting
Waste: Waste-to-energy
Safisana biogas digester

Making electricity and fertilizer from biowaste and fecal sludge

South Africa
Communications: Television
Energy: Solar power
Public Space: Outdoor lighting
Communications: Radio
iShack rooftop solar systems

Providing affordable renewable energy to homes in unserviced informal settlements

Energy: Solar power
Public Space: Outdoor lighting
Rubavu solar street lighting

Retrofitting and installing more sustainable public lighting

Energy: Solar power
Food: Distribution
Food: Storage
Cold Hubs

Providing solar-powered cooling-as-a-service to reduce food waste

South Africa
Energy: Storage
Energy: Distribution
Energy: Solar power
DC Go solar PV towers

Providing pay-as-you-go solar electricity for low-income communities

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A female technician from DC-GO working on a solar-powered unit
Image courtesy of DC Go.