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Human settlements produce a great deal of waste, and as they modernise the composition of this waste typically shifts from organic waste towards more plastics and manmade materials. Coordinated systems are required to collect, process and re-use these wastes so that they do not accumulate in public spaces or nature areas.

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Education: Adult
Mobility: Cycling
Waste: Repurposing
Waste: Recycling
Pikala Bikes

Building a cycling culture and creating sustainable jobs with upcycled bicycles

Energy: Biogas
Waste: Composting
Waste: Waste-to-energy
Safisana biogas digester

Making electricity and fertilizer from biowaste and fecal sludge

Sanitation: Toilets
Waste: Processing
Waste: Recycling
Sanergy Collaborative

A circular approach to addressing food and sanitation

Waste: Separation
Waste: Collection
Waste: Recycling

Collecting household & commercial waste and recyclables

South Africa
Waste: Processing
Waste: Composting
Nambu Group black soldier fly farming

Producing insect protein & compost from food waste

Sanitation: Public space cleaning
Waste: Collection
Waste: Recycling
Waste: Separation
Wecyclers waste collection

Providing waste collection services in low-income communities

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A female technician from DC-GO working on a solar-powered unit
Image courtesy of DC Go.